August 7th, 2010

Posted by Cam Mosher

Interesting to learn about the people who wander around the Internet looking for ways to be a nuisance, promote self-serving products and websites, and generally attempt to ride free on other’s efforts.  I notice, as a newcomer to blogging, that I have been a bit naive, but my education is improving.  Good thing this is a moderated blog!

The general purpose and rules for this blog are clearly stated in an earlier post AND in the “about our blog” link on the left. I invite both posts and comments that are generally relevant to the topics and overall focus of solving problems and empowered living (for posts, use the Contact Us link on the menu).  As the moderator, I generally disapprove of three kinds of comments I have noticed among those so far submitted. Those that are clearly (and only) advertisements for something, those that provide a URL that links to a pornographic or “blue” site, and those that are an Internet version of graffiti: crap sprayed on a wall.

If you want to promote your own product or site, set up your own blog. If you want to paint graffiti in my “to moderate” inbox, it only takes a quick moment to wash you out of it as trash; you are a minor inconvenience.  If you want to join in the discussion on the topics of this blog, please continue!  The latter group is most welcome.

And thanks to the growing numbers of readers and contributors who seem to take genuine interest in what we are doing here!!

Cam Mosher

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