Applying the Principles

Applying the Principles of Growth

If you REALLY want to grow and experience Empowerment in your life, you have got to be willing to base your life on these decisions:

1.  Life is a Choice.

  • I choose my attitude and my internal paradigm of beliefs, values, expectations, and conclusions about myself and my world.
  • The circumstances of my life come and go.  They just ARE.  I always (have always, will always) choose how I respond to the circumstances that come into my life.

2. I Own My Entire Life, Period!

  • My life today is exactly the result of all the choices I have ever made, no more, no less.
  • Blame is an irrelevant activity! It produces no growth or empowerment!
  • Manipulation and Justification come from an internal paradigm of  “VICTIM-PERPETRATOR”, a paradigm based on blame for circumstances in the past that leads to no growth, healing, or change in the future.

3. I Live in the Present.

  • The past is no longer relevant, except to learn from.  The past JUST IS!  Nothing can ever be done to change it.
  • The present is the ONLY place where new choices and change can take place.

4. MY Experience of Life is a Mirror of my Internal State.

  • Everything in my experience and perception of life is filtered through my internal paradigm of beliefs, expectations, and conclusions about myself and my world (which, by the way, I either DECIDED or BOUGHT!).
  • The world I perceive and experience is a reflection (a mirror!) of my internal state, which I CREATE by the decisions and choices I make about how I deal with the circumstances that come into my life, and this has been so from conception and infancy on, to this very moment!

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