What Our Work is All About

“Dr. Mosher, What do you and your team do?”mirror1

We are mirrors. We reflect as honestly as we can what we experience with our clients. When you look in the mirror, you choose what you want to do about what you see and you take appropriate action. As facilitative mirrors, we do more than simply reflect. We also facilitate creation of the ideas, skills and attitudes that empower effective action and produce dramatic results quickly.

Our work is to assist individuals, leaders and organizations to step past barriers, both personal and professional, unleash potential and enjoy incredible results! We want people’s lives, relationships, and careers TO WORK and their organizations TO THRIVE! We bring a powerful and effective approach to assisting you to MAKE THAT HAPPEN!

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Our Approach

dropletYour connection with Reality takes place in the Cognitive (adult consciousness) but your definition of Reality lies in the Affective (subscious, rooted in your Belief System). The Affective is engaged by experiences, especially experiences that challenge. The Affective decisions made by the child (that became your subconscious beliefs) were survival decisions, decisions made while facing the challenges of existing that formed the basis for strategies for living and surviving. To access decisions and strategies of that magnitude, the ones that drive our reactions, behaviors and results today, we must engage the Affective in an experience of survival, physically and/or emotionally.

We use experiential tools of several kinds. Outdoor experiences like the Ropes Course and Firewalking engage strong feelings of fear and self-doubt, and beliefs of incapability. Ropes Course activities engage the individual personally, in partnership with another person, and in groups and teams. Firewalking engages the belief system powerfully! If formal experiential tools are not practical in the moment of opportunity, we can take any experience at hand and turn it into a vehicle for learning and change.

People live the accepted beliefs and perceived realities of their lives 24/7 and our skilled experiential facilitators recognize, engage with, and mirror those beliefs and realities back so you can see in this mirror how you have set up your life. It is this realization and guided awareness that gives you other options and choices, in a word, FREEDOM!

Using a Medicine metaphor, bear hibernates half the year in the cave. Like bear, most people hibernate half their lives in unawareness that a child within is running their lives, reactions, and results. Bear medicine is introspection. Bear awakens in the cave and calls to all people, individuals, partners, parents, professionals, managers, executives, to WAKE UP! Do the work of transformation. Put the adult in charge. Unleash the potential that lies contained and unfulfilled in each person. That is our mission! We pursue it passionately and vigorously!