February 24th, 2013

The amount of money that changes hands in the United States to benefit lobbyists and special interests and influence elections has really gotten my attention.  Lobbyists and special interests spend big money and give big perks to garner favors and favorable legislation from Congress.  I strongly believe that all issues should stand on and be argued on their own merits, not on the money and perks their supporters can give to the involved Congressmen and public officials.

The members of Congress and government officials who benefit from the corrupting influence of this money won’t do anything to stem its flow.  I believe the most important thing we as citizens can do to eliminate the influence of money and get rid of corruption in the USA is to actually support doing it ourselves.  I have discovered a growing national movement to accomplish just that!

I’m supporting a campaign called Represent.Us to get money out of politics and stop the corruption in our government. The Represent.Us campaign will completely change how business is done in Washington: Represent.Us has a plan to stop lobbyists from bribing politicians, end secret election money, and put voters back in control of elections and citizens back in control of our “government of the people, for the people, and by the people.”  You can go to their website and read the proposed American Anti-Corruption Act.

The first step is getting a huge number of people behind The American Anti-Corruption Act, so I’m collecting names and eliciting support. Can you take a minute to add your name to my list?  Use this link:

This is truly a multi-partisan effort.  Everyone from left, right and center can agree that getting money out of politics is the only way we’ll ever get our government back. It’s the only way we can fairly deal with issues like jobs, the economy, the environment, war and taxes.

Please add your name:

It’s only the future of our country at stake!

Cam Mosher

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