I’m OK! I’m just not finished–A Handbook for Empowerment

Second Edition

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“I’m OK! I’m just not finished” gives hope to you that life is good and you are good, even magnificent! Author L. Cameron Mosher, Ph.D., declares that living an empowered and satisfying life is not complicated. Rather it is based on a few simple principles that anyone can get and apply in one’s life. Further, finding and enjoying rich and satisfying relationships comes from extending these simple principles into our interactions with others.

In four sections, Cam lays out the principles and their application in your life, empowering your relationships, and living an empowered life. In an important fifth section, there is a personal inventory for laying out your own individual plan for empowering your life. Cam believes strongly that these simple principles apply equally in business and professional life and underlie personal and organizational success. Cam’s goal is to provide every person with the simple means for creating personal and professional empowerment and empowered relationships, ultimately to empower families, raise a new generation of empowered children and literally transform human experience.

Cam states that most of us have codependent tendencies. He explains codependency in simple and straightforward terms and lays out the simple process of healing codependency.

The key word here is simple! Cam truly believes that enjoying an empowered life is not complicated. He presents the simple principles of growth and empowerment in an easy to read and easy to understand work. Using the symbols and metaphors of the Native American Medicine Wheel as an easy to read map of the process of healing and transformation for life, Cam portrays an interesting and fulfilling journey around the four directions from illumination of issues and opportunities in the East to an empowered and satisfying life in the North. With Coyote as our guide to laugh and lighten the journey, and engaging with Eagle, Porcupine, Bear, Owl, Moose, and the other creatures and medicines of the Wheel, Cam shows how every one of us can walk the healing path to Empowerment.

Believing that both reading and listening enhance learning and application, Cam has recorded the entire text on four CDs. These CDs accompany the book in a deluxe boxed set, enabling you to get maximum value out of the work, reading and/or listening, and writing in the workbook pages.  Click below to see both opportunities for gaining life-changing value from this powerful book!

The material in “I’m OK! I’m just not finished” confidently applied in your life will change it! You will experience life from a new, Empowered place!

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Comments from readers:

My wife has been on a quest for turning her very abused young life into something more meaningful and productive.  She has read many books with very little progress towards happiness.  A friend gave her your 4 CD’s and the results are unbelievable.  The change is remarkable.  She listens to your tapes a little everyday and I swear I can see a change that is unbelievable.  She wants to get your book to read and take with her on her travels.  She has quit smoking with her new belief and self assurance.  She realizes she has the power to define her own life.  I am ordering your book at her request.  The results have stayed with her.  Thanks so very much!

D.W.—San Diego, CA