September 6th, 2010

Posted by Cam Mosher

As a professional facilitator, I have noticed some interesting things about people on this blog.  People can be sorted into three groups:

  1. People who are genuinely interested in the blog topics, follow it, and occasionally make contributions.
  2. People who are mainly interested in using the blog and the Internet to promote themselves and their websites/products.
  3. People who set up automatic programming devices to game the system and automatically find blogs, automatically and repeatedly make initially sincere sounding but meaningless comments, and automatically insert fictitious names and email addresses into the required blanks, in order to get their URLs onto the comment pages.

I learned this sorting pattern after noticing an initial bloom of comments on certain specific posts.  When I picked up on the sort categories and began to delete specific kinds, the comments have died down significantly (basically stopped).  Since doing the deletions, I have added at least one potentially controversial post, with NO comments.

I am drawn to these possible conclusions:

  1. My “loyal followers” have deserted me.
  2. I had no truly “loyal followers” to begin with, regardless of some comments to the contrary.
  3. The time period since my last post has caused any true followers to go elsewhere.
  4. The Internet manipulators (categories 2 and 3 above) are laying in waiting to see if I will be equally diligent in deleting them in the future.

I remain a student of people and committed to the purpose of this blog.  My posts will continue to come, at intervals consistent with my personal schedule.  And I will continue to review all submissions to keep this blog on purpose.  You can count on me to be as diligent as I can to delete and toss in the Spam Can or Trash Can any posts and comments that seem to me to be irrelevant and self-serving.  If I have misread anyone’s intentions, please find a way to prove yourself legitimate to me.  One way is to use legitimate email addresses (I will check them) and NOT use URLs that link to pornographic or “blue” websites.  If that is all you have to offer the Internet, I am not sure you are really interested in contributing to solving the problems of the world!

If you agree with this philosophy or want to contribute to How To Solve The Problems Of The World, please make comments, or use the Contact Us link at the left to submit a post.

Cam Mosher

2 Responses to “SORTING PEOPLE I”

  1. Elisabeth Tracy says:

    Well, I am here. I just do not know what to say.

    I still feel so much like a student. I read your words and feel the truth in them. Other than being true to myself and thereby affecting those around me, I do not know if there is more that I can do.

    That is why I was drawn to this blog. “How to solve the problems of the world.” The name itself is huge to me, as if I’ve always known I could be a part of something bigger than myself.

    I find myself making excuses continuously. What I call ‘giving the benefit of the doubt’ may very well be making excuses. For example, in response to your blog “sorting people 1,” I wanted to counter with how ‘busy’ everyone may be that they maybe just haven’t had the time to comment.
    Wow. It took me having to actually write (type) that down to realize the humor in it. Clear intentions do not stop when action is required.

    Thank you, Cam, for declaring what you know to be true.

    • CamMosher says:

      Thank you, Elisabeth, for your sincerity and interest in both the subject of these two posts and the blog itself, and for taking the time to put up a comment. I have some more posts in my mind, just looking for the right time to post them.

      Cam Mosher