July 14th, 2010

From Cam Mosher

I have an audacious vision with this blog.  HowToSolveTheProblemsOfTheWorld.com is pretty audacious!  Actually I think there are great ideas out there.  I have a few ideas myself.  By putting out there some problem topics and tossing around some ideas, with comments and responses from involved sources, we might create some buzz, and who knows, someone with the ability to enact a solution to a real problem might actually be motivated to do it!  It takes one person with connections/ability to marshal the resources and actually solve a world problem.  It is being done right now with world organizations started by one person with a vision and commitment.  Why not spark some solutions right here?

To get your idea or topic posted, send me an email with your post.  Three have already done it and the responses and comments are beginning to flow.  Click on Contact Us in the menu on the left and use the form.

Cam Mosher

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