July 12th, 2010

From Cam Mosher

Every time I read or see another “politically correct” media report, I frustrate at how dis-empowering and dis-empowered we have become in our modern world!  We must measure our words, constrict our behaviors, and hold back our opinions, all because we “might offend someone.”  If my words, actions, or opinions offend you, you are a pretty weak human being!

I can only behave.  You decide how you will respond to my behavior.  I can only speak my words.  You decide how you will interpret them and how you will respond.  I can only share my opinion on any subject.  You decide how you feel or think about it.  If you choose to be offended by any of my behaviors, words, or opinions, that is your choice, among many other options you have!  It is not my responsibility to decide your choice.  It IS my responsibility to be authentic.

Among your choices to respond to me, you are as free as I am, with one exception: if you choose to live in community with us as human beings, your choice to be violent in your response or to inflict physical harm on me or anyone else is inhuman and intolerable.  If, among your many choices, you limit your choice to being offended, then be offended, just restrict your response to discussion, and be prepared to receive my reasons for my behaviors, words, and opinions in return.  That is the community of Freedom and Free Speech guaranteed by our system of law.

I refuse to be concerned with “political correctness!”  I do believe thoughtfulness and kindness ought to be the rule in our society, but not to the exclusion of normal, even passionate words, behaviors, and opinions.  I will accept complete responsibility to be kind and thoughtful in my authenticity, and you accept complete responsibility for your choice as to how you perceive it, holding your response within the bounds of free communication within a free community.

Let’s get off of this ridiculous “political correctness” nonsense!

Cam Mosher


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