Here are some sites we recommend you visit. They offer things you may find of interest.

Live on Purpose Radio–Dr. Paul Jenkins interviews interesting people on this Internet Radio service.  Dr. Cam Mosher was recently interviewed and can be heard on this site in an episode called “The Impossible IS Possible!”  Very worthwhile site to visit frequently!

The Success Connection–A company with powerful successful individuals, comprehensive programs and assessments designed to assist individuals and companies to increase their proficiency and achieve higher levels of success.

The People of Earth Apologize—A very intriguing idea. Joe Buchman believes we owe the Universe an apology, for the way we have treated our earth, each other, and the universe around us. Knowing that the Internet is available to all of us and is being archived here on earth, and believing that any other intelligent beings in the neighborhood can also monitor our Internet, he has set up a website on which we can express our thoughts and feelings on the subject as well as record what we consider important of ourselves for future generations. Check it out!

The Foundation House–An online clearing house for nonprofit organizations and worthy causes to
facilitate fundraising and connecting needs with nonprofiit providers in your area. If you are a nonprofit organization, you can register your organization with The Foundation House. Contact information is
provided on the website.

Mark Woods–Effective Time Management Skills and Work/Life Balance Strategies with Mark and Trapper Woods “Father Time.” By learning proven goal setting strategies and effective time management
skills, this father/son team can show you how to increase your productivity and achieve work/life balance. Maximize your return on your investment and get the results you’re looking for.

David Cameron–EarthSea’s purpose is to empower and guide people towards harmony and balance
within themselves and their environment through the use of shamanic principles and manifestation of models for sustainable living.

Carla Hayes–Spiritual walker, medicine worker, and healer, and also known as Four Eagles Woman. Visit her interesting website.

Suzanne Wagner–Psychic, Clairvoyant, Author, Speaker, Tarot Reader, Numerology, Palmistry, Medium

Brittany Golden–Custom Silversmith and Silversmith Instructor at Sundance, Utah. Unique and beautiful work. Check it out!

Travis Hess–Cancer survivor himself and parent who has experienced the loss of a child to cancer, Travis founded the Hess Cancer Foundation, a unique nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting families who lose a child to cancer with burial and other final expenses. This is a very worthy cause!