The Dr. L. Cameron Mosher™ Firewalk is a training focusing on what you want in your life and the limiting beliefs and habits that keep you from having it. It culminates at a real fire and the opportunity to actually experience that your limiting beliefs DO NOT ALWAYS APPLY!

In the FIREWALK a real fire is built and experienced. It burns down to live, glowing coals. Participants experience the reality of those coals as they rake them and shape them into a glowing bed several feet long. Then participants and leaders gather in a circle around the bed of coals (at that point there are no longer “leaders,” only participants) and each person looks within to engage a personal process and ask, in order, two questions. First, am I willing to address the question of walking on fire?firewalk-stick-lg

If so, the participant leaves his or her place in the circle and steps to the head of the fire. Then the participant looks within and asks, “Is this the moment for me to walk on fire?” Always at choice about how one personally engages with the fire, and no matter what one’s personal choice is, every participant comes away with having seen and experienced that one’s beliefs about fire and human flesh don’t always apply. And if THAT belief doesn’t always apply, what about all the other limiting beliefs you hold about yourself and the reality you perceive? Beliefs about capability, worth, lovability, victimhood, relationship, achievement?

The purpose of the Dr. L. Cameron Mosher™ Firewalk is to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of all participants. The Dr. L. Cameron Mosher™ Firewalk is NOT “woo-woo.” It is a very real experience, directly applicable to all human pursuits: personal growth, professional growth, corporate and team development, leadership and management development, building a satisfying and productive life, personal accomplishment, relationships, professional performance and achievement, team work, leadership, management, sales, etc.

Join with us in this amazing experience!