Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs to a New Future of EMPOWERMENT and POSSIBILITY!




Powerful Evening Workshop!

Conducted by Dr. L. Cameron Mosher, leader of Firewalks for thousands of participants since 1991!

    • Break out of your prison of doubt and fear!

    • Gain power and control in your life!

    • Come away with an incredible experience of your power to accomplish amazing results!

    • This is REAL!


  • A truly life-changing opportunity at a very reasonable price!

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What clients and participants say:

“I wanted to thank you for being available as such a complete gift to my folks. They raved about you, and gave good feedback about your strengths. I’m so grateful you are here for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
–G.A. (leader of a client group)

“When I learned that I would have the opportunity to walk on fire along with the other members of my group (21 of us total), I knew that I would be open to the idea of watching THEM and cheering THEM on. I was not concerned with the idea that I might be the sole member of our group to keep my shoes on. At the site I was overwhelmed by the heat from the burning coals to the point that I could tolerate only a fleeting moment within ten feet of the coals. I am unable to explain what it was that shifted in me, but I found myself barefoot standing at the head of the line determined to R-U-N across the coals. Then I had another shift into the “impossible” mind-set. I found myself WALKING across the coals. My experience involved no heat, no pain, no fear. I was hooked! I continued multiple passes across the coals. Incredible as it seems, I did walk across the burning coals repeatedly. No blisters. No tricks. No gimmicks. Simply ME with MY SPIRIT and no fear! I look forward to my next experience with Cam and the crew. Thank you for your assistance in following my spirit rather than my fear.”
–D.R. (Firewalk participant)

“I had a wonderful experience at the Firewalk Workshop. I was and still am very impressed with Dr. Mosher and his no nonsense, practical approach to life. I thought walking on fire would be impossible and had struggled with it even after I signed up for the workshop. During the workshop I came to realize that my experience of life is in my beliefs. Since I did the firewalk, my personal attitude has changed and I feel that I can accomplish the tasks before me. This Firewalk Workshop is not just something to learn; it is something to experience! Thanks so much Cam. Your workshop is fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn that they are much more than they believe.”

“At our Firewalk Wedding, Cam was great to work with! We loved our experience with him. What fun and sacredness on our most special and unique Wedding Day! We recommend him highly!”
–W. & K. K. (following their Firewalk Wedding! Yes,a Firewalk Wedding is available!)

“Cam’s Firewalk Workshop was enlightening, motivating and transforming. I had the opportunity to break through fears into a truly unique and exhilarating experience. I enjoyed meeting people who had so much of value to share with me, who were willing to risk and be vulnerable. Cam fostered honesty in an environment of support and friendship. I was amazed how in one day, we could feel a bond that will last a lifetime. I was able to risk the incredible in an environment of safety and honesty. I even saw a young girl walk the fire with confidence and reality. It was the most incredible thing I have experienced in my life! A truly peak experience!”
–C.C.H. (psychologist)

Pricing:  We base our Firewalk fee on an estimate of $150 per person (minimums apply).  Call Hayley at 801-787-9500 for details and package deals.