Dr. L. Cameron Mosher offers several experiential opportunities for Personal and Organizational Empowerment.

Check out each of these powerful experiential learning resources!

THE FIREWALK–An amazing opportunity to break free of the limiting beliefs that keep you from experiencing your magnificent possibilities! Whether you choose to walk on the fire or not, you will discover that the Impossible truly IS Possible! For YOU!

THE ROPES COURSE–Discover your capacity to face your self-defeating beliefs and achieve remarkable results! Dr. Mosher’s unique approach to the ropes course is widely acclaimed in personal empowerment, team building, youth achievement, and therapeutic applications. Since bringing the first ropes course to Utah in 1984, he has led nearly 20,000 participants nationwide through this powerful training experience.

COACHING FOR COUPLES–A fast and effective coaching and facilitative process to deal with problems and issues in your relationship.  For serious issues and to just tune up an otherwise good relationship, this is the least expensive and fastest way to get positive results.

THE COUPLES TRAINING–Combining both outdoor and indoor processes in a two day workshop, this unique approach to empowering relationship will set you on a path to increased harmony and joy with your partner.

OUTRAGEOUS DREAM–All of us have an outrageous dream that we would pursue “if only . . .” Dr. Mosher believes you can have your dream! This five week program combines personal exploration and group support with powerful individual coaching to support you in having your dream!

COACHING–The Capstone for Success in the Dr. L. Cameron MoshertmComprehensive Program for Personal and Professional Empowerment . Dr. Mosher’s simple and direct approach to coaching avoids the complexities, jargon, and hype of canned programs and focusses your effort and attention directly on moving past your self-imposed limits and achieving the results you want in your life and career. Utilizing regular communication and support via telephone and email, the Dr. L. Cameron Moshertm Coaching Program is available to you no matter where you live!

If we don’t have a workshop scheduled in an area of interest, CONTACT US and let’s get one scheduled for your group!



The Full-Track Firewalk-Coaching program is the most time- and cost effective way to achieve long-term transformation and results in your life. For information and to enroll CLICK HERE!