1. Life Is.

People just are. Circumstances just are. Stuff happens. Everything pertaining to whether something is good or bad in your perception of your life and experience is a judgment that you make about it. The things that produce the greatest learning, growth, and character in your life are those that challenge you the most! Why not decide right now that your life is good and be grateful for every challenge and adversity. Look for the learning, growth, and building of character in everything you experience.

2. The only moment of importance in life is NOW.

The past can never be changed. It just is, and will remain so forever! The only value of the past is to learn from it. In the past you see the consequences from every choice you made. Learn what you can from the past and then let it go. The only moment in which you can make a new choice that will affect the future you want is NOW. Apply what you learn from the past in making those choices!

3. I am absolutely responsible for my entire life, PERIOD.

You are the only who ever made a choice in your life. You are the one who decides how you will respond to every person and circumstance in your life. And your experience of life right now is exactly the consequence of all the choices you ever made. Blame is an irrelevant activity. You are the one who decides what your internal state will be and no one else ever forces you to have any particular internal experience. There is no such thing as a victim. There is only the choice to perceive the world through the beliefs of blame and victimhood. No one can offend you or make you angry. Others can only behave. You are the one who decides to be offended or get angry! Stuff happens. You decide how you will deal with it!

4. What I have in my life is exactly the result of my priorities and my choices.

Your priorities, conscious and subconscious, drive every choice you make. And every choice you make has consequences.  What you have in your life right now is exactly the result of all the choices you ever made and the priorities that drove them. Your life is a perfect mirror of your priorities. If you want to see what your priorities are, look in the mirror of your life! It is very simple.

5. If I keep on doing what I’ve always done, I’ll keep on getting what I’ve always got!

Your life experience will continue exactly as it is until you decide to change it. Empowerment is a conscious choice. Experiencing an empowered life is deciding to change the habits of a lifetime, and doing it. It is that simple!