The Principles of Growth that Form the Foundation of Our Work

(I believe these are in order)

If you want to grow, you’ve got to be willing to:

1. Get vulnerable.

Be willing to expose the edges of your life. Accept that it is absolutely OK to be human, including all your strengths and weaknesses. Be willing that others know both your strengths and weaknesses. Be working toward the ideal that you are comfortable enough with yourself that to be known AS YOU ARE does not threaten you. GROWTH GOES HAND IN HAND WITH RISK!

2. Get real.

Stop pretending. Get out of denial. Be willing to deal with reality. Seek the truth about yourself, your family, your organization, your marketplace, your competitors, your circumstances, your people, your relationships, and everything in your life.

3. Get responsible.

Live from the attitude that everything in your life has resulted from choices you have made, that neither you nor your organization is a victim of anything, that you have within your sphere of control workable solutions to every problem and challenge, that you are fully accountable for everything you say and do. Eliminate blame from your vocabulary and from your life.

4. Tell the truth.

Always, relentlessly, boldly, courageously, professionally, openly, without exception or fear of consequences, build your character and your reputation on telling the truth.

5. Keep your word.

Always, to a fault, without exception or fear of consequences; build your character and your reputation on keeping your word.