Who are Cam Mosher and His Associates?

Our Mission

We have a Spiritual Mission, to provide a vehicle for Dr. L. Cameron Mosher and his Associates to learn for themselves and teach others to empower themselves and shine forth in their magnificence as incredible human beings, unleash their potential as individuals and professionals, achieve their personal dreams and visions, and give their unique personal gifts to the world, thereby making an ongoing and lasting difference on the planet and creating abundance and joy.

Cam’s Vision

Cam Mosher has a vision for his company as an organization that serves humanity with valuable products and services AND as a means for himself and the people who choose to associate with him to discover and UNLEASH their own potential as capable and magnificent human beings.

He is therefore gathering a team of Associates who share in this vision of unleashing themselves and teaching other people and organizations to transform their lives and experience their magnificence.

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His vision is that his company provide a vehicle for his Associates to fulfill their own personal dreams and visions and create the abundance they seek while they build the company and teach transformation and growth to others. His growing team of associates bring many of their own personal skills and tools to the work and create programs and outlets for their own passions and expressions of self in alignment with the overall vision of the company.

L. Cameron Mosher, Ph.D.–Founder, experiential educator, author, trainer, and Empowerment Facilitator

Cam believes that the potential of every person is incredible, far greater than anyone will ever realize in mortality, and that people are limited only by their own perceived limits!  He has personally walked a path of transformation and growth, transcending significant personal issues that limited him. What he has learned about personal transformation in his own life and in working with literally thousands of people over many years of professional work, he shares in workshops and seminars, both indoors and outdoors, in personal and executive coaching, and in effective facilitation.rocks_140

To work with Cam is to work with a dedicated professional at his craft, sensitive, intuitive, insightful, a bold truth-teller. To work with Cam is to engage in the opportunity to literally transform one’s life by transforming the very foundation of beliefs on which one’s perception of reality is built.

In walking his personal path, Cam has found spiritual wisdom and growth in ceremonies and traditions he calls Earth Medicine. On this path, he has conducted Medicine (Sweat) Lodge ceremonies and is a carrier of the Sacred Pipe with which he works with individuals, couples and groups. Where appropriate he draws on these ancient tools and the symbols and metaphors associated with them to accentuate and support the process of growth and transformation.