Hi, I’m Cam Mosher (L. Cameron Mosher, Ph.D., for those who like credentials and degrees).  I am an Empowerment Facilitator/Coach/Author, living in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.  My slogan and affirmation is The Impossible IS Possible!  I firmly believe that the problems of the world, whether personal, relationship, family, national, or worldwide, have simple solutions.  They may not be easy, but they are simple!  And those solutions are based on simple principles, found elsewhere on this website (see the pages under “Our Work” on the top menu bar).  This blog contains some simple ideas on How To Solve The Problems Of The World.  And your comments and thoughts are most welcome!

This is a moderated blog (to keep the profane and irrelevant out).  To participate, make comments on any posts that interest you.  To submit a post, send it to me by email or by using the Contact Us form from the menu on the left.  I invite all opinions and ideas.  Perhaps, with enough participation and with spreading of the word, we can get some real, workable ideas into the hands of people who can get some of the problems of the world solved!  If you agree, tell your friends and contacts.

Cam Mosher