I am looking for entrepreneurial people in marketing, sales, operations, and human development who want a ground floor opportunity in an established, ongoing company, to make good money in the short term and executive income in the long term. These people will be building their own equity in this company as it goes international and does several million dollars in annual business in the next few years while at the same time moving toward senior executive status in it.

The Vision and Mission of Dr. L. Cameron Mosher:
We have a Spiritual Mission: to provide valuable products and services to the world AND to provide a vehicle for Cam Mosher and his Associates to learn for themselves and teach others to empower themselves and shine forth in their magnificence as incredible human beings, unleash their potential as individuals and professionals, achieve their personal dreams and visions, and give their unique personal gifts to the world, thereby making an ongoing and lasting difference on the planet and creating abundance and joy.

This opportunity is for people who catch the vision and want to share the risk AND the growth!

The opportunity exists in two fronts:
1. EXPERIENTIAL FACILITATION and HEALING AND TRANSFORMATION WORK, including Coaching, the Ropes Course, the Firewalk, and other experiential tools: this is where we got our start and is where we address the unleashing of our own personal potential and teach others to do the same. This opportunity is at the cutting edge of personal and organizational development technology, with the beginnings of international connections, and is positioned to ride the wave of human development in the twenty first century, both for individuals and for organizational leaders and teams. Our current basic tools are clearly known and understood by us, and we are evolving in both our effectiveness in using these tools and in the very tools themselves. We are also evolving in our understanding of the work and the kinds of tools we use to accomplish it. Massive opportunities exist here for creative contribution and career development for visionary individuals!

2. ASSOCIATES In The Organization: Cam Mosher has a vision for his company as an organization that serves humanity with valuable products and services AND as a means for himself and the people who choose to associate with him to discover and UNLEASH their own potential as capable and magnificent human beings.

He is therefore gathering a team of Associates who share in this vision of unleashing themselves and teaching other people and organizations to transform their lives and experience their magnificence. He is seeking Associates in Marketing and Sales, Operations, Finance, Management, and Facilitation.

While engaged in building the company and this work, the Associates are also building their own equity in the company. His vision is that his company provide a vehicle for his Associates to fulfill their own personal dreams and visions and create the abundance they seek while building the company into a major force in the national and international market. His growing team of associates bring many of their own personal skills and tools to the work and create programs and outlets for their own passions and expressions of self in alignment with the overall vision of the company.

The Associates are therefore people who also want to develop their own specialties and in bringing their personal work into the organization, find valuable synergy and support in the collective their own personal vision.

Cam’s long-term goal is that when he has done his work, he leaves his legacy in the lives he has touched and in his Associates, through the training, experience, and growth they have achieved working with him. His Associates then end up with total ownership of the company and carry on the work. The work thus continues, perhaps generation of Associates after generation. Who knows how many lives can be transformed and how many people can find the joy of self-acceptance and unleashed potential once this ball rolls on in the world!