July 2nd, 2010

After several months of inactivity, I have lots of ideas that have been spurred by the recent happenings in government and society since last year, and I am posting several right now.  I am inviting your responses, critical, favorable, expansive.  This is HOW TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD!  I believe that the solutions to our problems lie in the collective mind of humankind.  I will make my contributions to this collective.  Let’s hear yours!

The blog is set up as a moderated blog.  That is, your comments are welcome, and submitted and reviewed, not for content, but for appropriateness.  That means keep it G-rated!  I don’t mind controversy, in fact invite it!  I just want to keep the blog reasonably high class.

Now let’s go for it!  Get the conversation going!

Cam Mosher

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